Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club is the first boating club. Their messaging and signups were suffering from the old design. I worked with the CEO, CMO, and marketing team to review messaging, targeting, and approach to increase conversions for local boat clubs. 


  1. Confused user messaging
  2. Completely missing a key demographic
  3. un-responsive design
  4. inconsistent design usage
  5. Confusing pricing messaging

UX Process:

  1. User Research
    • Design workshop
    • Card sorting
  2. User Story creation
    • User direction for sales funnel
  3. Journey maps
    • Current flow vs. New flow
  4. Wireframes 
    • Low fidelity mockups for template pages¬†
  5. Adobe XD Prototypes
    • Hi-fidelity pixel-perfect designs of page templates to pass to development.

Success Criteria

  1. The design brings in more of the demographics targeted
  2. Design is mobile-first
  3. The design system is robust and works throughout the other companies
  4. Messaging is consistent and tests well


Freedom Boat Club


23 April 2021