Merchandise Software

Merchandise Software

 I was truly excited to reimagine an interface for users to plan, purchase and report their purchases for a global retailer.

This deep dive included a thorough investigation and research into the current process to devise new process flows to create a smooth efficient update to current systems. The software design was then reduced to the most important parts and simplified so that users could complete any portion of the process in order to speed up and reduce the time required to properly plan and purchase the products. The team was then able to take the designs to create a fantastic interface best suited to increase efficiency and shrink the learning curve.

This software is currently in use.


  1. Excel spreadsheets for planning
  2. inconsistent quantities 
  3. Extremely long planning timelines
  4. No automation


  1. End to end software solution
  2. Took data from the entire planning team to buyers
  3. Automated sales predictions
  4. Reduced planning by 2 months
  5. Reduced manual package planning to fill order





23 April 2021