Think Different

design everything!
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Create a Process

make a difference for your users
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Break the mold

optimize forever...
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Inspire Loyalty

Take your customers on a journey
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It’s amazing that everything around you is designed by someone. Whether that design appeals to You and your aesthetic, color preference, and mood is becoming increasingly relevant. (Think the Internet of Things, Mobile Connectivity, etc.) 

I'm a Sr. User Experience designer with skills in visual design, user research, architecture, and product development. I like to design from the user's perspective on every project. I work on branding, software, apps, publications and more. If you want to sample some of my thought processes I'd love to chat! 

Questions are a main part of my expertise.

“Why is what you are doing important?”
“What do you do?”
“Why is that important?”
“What causes you pain?”
“Why is that painful?”

That last one, I almost never have to ask! Problems pour out like water.

So, what are you doing to bring yourself up to speed, grow more relevant, increase revenue and make a better process?

Could you use a little help?